Drunk MONKEY Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

Drunk MONKEY Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

Drunk Monkey Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
Photo: 7News Australia

A monkey may be usually small, but it is potentially aggressive to others, including to humans.

The drunk monkey named “Kalua’ in India killed a man and injured 250 people, sentencing him to lifetime imprisonment.

Zookeepers at Kanpur Zoological Park said in a report they have “deemed him too dangerous to live among his kind. The monkey will be in “solitary confinement for the rest of his life.”

Prior to acquiring the animal, Kalua belonged to an “occultist” in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, which supplied the pet with a regular diet of hard liquor and, possibly, monkey meat, according to a report.

Drunk Monkey Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
Photo: Tunisien Numerique

After his owner died, the neglected imp stopped getting his supply of alcohol, explaining its rampage on the streets.

Three years after living in the zoo, Kalua attacked people, particularly the faces of women and children.

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The six-year-old monkey remained hostile towards female zookeepers, as well towards monkeys.

Zoo doctor Mohd Nasir said the zoo kept Kalua in isolation for some months until it was shifted into a separate cage.

He said there was no change in his behavior and remained aggressive. He is addicted to alcohol and refuses to eat vegetables.

Nevertheless, the zookeepers clarified that the other monkeys are not as aggressive as Kalua and they eat whatever zoo gives them.


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