Drawings of Kids Was Improved by Professional Artists

Drawings of Kids Was Improved by Professional Artists

We all know that kids have the wildest imaginations ever. That’s why if you give them a crayon and paper, their drawings can amaze you even if it’s not too good. Their imaginations are endless.

kids drawings

The dreams that these children have been so high that even adults couldn’t think of that. Sadly, some art subjects in schools do not exist anymore as they were replaced by computers and other subjects.


Fortunately, there’s a group of people who still wanted the creativity of the children to flourish.

The Monster Project inspires elementary school students in Texas to have fun with their drawings based on their wildest imaginations.

The students are then paired with one of the professional artists joining in the program.

All the drawings of the students are then collected by the artists who will turn it to something amazing.

Moreover, the goal of this project is to let the children recognize the power of their imaginations and to improve their creativeness.

In addition to that, the diminishing emphasis on art in schools is becoming a trend today and that’s what the group likes to change. They wanted the children to be creative again in their own way.

Above all, creativity comes in many shapes and they would like to encourage those students to find their own shape of creativeness.

In other words, they wanted the children to create their own definition of art.

So, if you want to see more of their works and learn more about their mission, visit their website. You can also buy images of what these children have made.

They also have an Instagram account to let you see real-time the art of childhood imagination. Share this with your friends and family who have creative kids.


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