DOTA 2: SEA Games First Esports Event Victory Snatched By Filipinos

DOTA 2: SEA Games First Esports Event Victory Snatched By Filipinos

SEA Games, held currently in the Philippines, is currently on its 2 days left before its completion and delegates keep being competitive on various games. With that being said DOTA 2 is included, Whoah.

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So now firstly, Defense of the Ancients, “DOTA” is a Multiplayer online battle arena created by Icefrog, a map on a famous multiplayer game, Warcraft III.

Ahhhh yes, the good old days.

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And so Years later on 2011, the online gaming company Valve and in helping on Icefrog as well, created its own game on their software, Steam.

The game somehow is considered the largest ESports tournament held every year in the month of August. Really? How so?

Well for this year, the prize pool is around $35 Million USD and The Winner will Take $11 Milion USD. Now that’s an insane amount of money!

Because of this, players and companies invest in it.

So basically, you will just sit and play with your teammates? Why not?

ESports Debut in SEA Games

dota sea games
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So as the 30th is being held in the Philippines, ESports is one of the introduced events. We have hope now SEA Gamers! Hooray!

Congrats gamers! Because we all know that every 2 years SEA Will Compete on ESports.

So It includes games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, AOV, Starcraft II, Tekken 7, Hearthstone and DOTA 2.

Razer, one of the technology brand hosts the said event.

And so now the team SIBOL consisting of players from the Philippines, are competing for the events given.

Philippines vs. Thailand

Philippine pride CML, Bok, Erice, Mac and Van head against Thailand’s elites, Jabz, boombell, tnt-carryla,, and Seri.

It was the best of 5 games and the game was tough as the Philippines take game 1, game 2 for Thailand, Game 3 for PH and Game 4 for TH.

So because of this, Thailand forces game 5.

However these guys never back down, as Thailand forced game 5, PH’s SIBOL fights back and won the event, winning another gold for the Philippines.

Congratulations on your victory! You deserve the Aegis as well!


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