Dorothea Lange and Her Influential Photos

Dorothea Lange and Her Influential Photos

Dorothea Lange is an American photographer and photojournalist who has been known for her photos during the Great Depression era in the 1930s.

Dorothe Lange
Dorothea Lange |

She is known for being a compassionate photographer because she likes to take photos of people who are suffering from their era.

She is letting the whole world about the current situation of the average citizens especially the locals in the provinces.

The most famous and influential photo of Dorothea Lange is her Migrant Motherphoto.

migrant mother
Migrant Mother | Wikipedia Commons

This photo ignited an awakening to the people, especially to the US government. They began sending food supplies and other needs to the city that this migrant mother lived and to other provinces as well.

Aside from the awakening, Dorothea Lange influenced the development of documentary photography.

It is a form of photography that is used to narrate events or environments both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life.

Therefore, Dorothea Lange deserves to be part of the list of the most influential photographers of all time.

All her historical photos had made a huge impact on the world and not just in the industry of photography.

on the road
“On The Road” | History Place

More importantly, she focuses her lens on the most essential details and not on anything else. In most of her photos, you can really feel the situation of her subjects.

You can also take note of her technique, the harmony and balance of the elements are perfect. That’s why many people wanted to imitate her style and her heart in photography.


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