Donald Trump wants to Buy Greenland, Greenland says No

Donald Trump wants to Buy Greenland, Greenland says No

US President Donald Trump was placed in an awkward position last week when he announced that he wanted to buy the island of Greenland.

Greenland, being the largest island in the world, is one of the autonomous regions of the country of Denmark. It is a region of 56,000 people. And last week’s statement of President Trump sparked criticism and backlash from different global leaders. In a televised conference, Denmark Prime Minister Mette Fredericksen called the wild statement “absurd”.

What’s in Greenland?

Greenland is the largest island in the world. Yet for its grand size, it only houses 56,000 people; 18,000 of whom are in the capital, Nuuk. The island is mostly uninhabited with a population density of 0.13/Square Kilometer. However, its value towards the world is insurmountable. See, Greenland houses a number of ice glaciers that supports the global ecological balance. Glaciers are ice walls that balance the climate and the global ecosystem. However, with the rate of our burning of fossil fuels and natural resources, these glaciers are quickly melting away. In addition to this, experts estimate that Greenland has an untapped oil reserve that contains as much as 50 Billion barrels of unrefined oil. Taking control of this vast island would mean that a new global superpower would rise. Therefore, Greenland, for all its worth, is worth a lot.

It’s no wonder why an icon as comic as US President Donald Trump would publicize such statements. The president even went as far as canceling a scheduled meeting with the Danish Prime Minister due to this row. Funnily, as expected, his Republican Party backers quickly went behind him in showing full support to this expedition towards the north. But the world is not having it.

No way, Donald Trump

The people of Greenland are not having it. Aleqa Hammond, ex-leader of the island, says that Greenlanders share the same sentiments towards Trump. She mentions that people do not trust the US President. Likewise, they consider him to be someone who only sees them as goods.


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