Does People at Your Workplace Burns You Out?

Does People at Your Workplace Burns You Out?

Part of entering the workplace is learning what you’re good at and reach your potential. At the same time you also meet different kinds of people. Some can become your friends and there are some on which you cannot stand to get along with.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a job that doesn’t drive you crazy. However, even the jobs we like can be full of people we don’t feel like working with. Rude management styles grind most employees down and may not be able to perform at their best.

These burned-out employees often move on more quickly than usual. However, there is one type of person who thrives in a high-stress, high-pressure work environment.

People Who Lack Empathy

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A recent study in the Journal of Business Ethics shows that a person who is a psychopath (that is, they lack empathy or fear) thrive under abusive management styles and perform better rather than crumbling under the pressure.

First, the people involved in the small study were given a questionnaire to determine their psychopathic tendencies.

“Primary Psychopathy is a tendency to be cold, callous, and manipulative,” lead researcher Charlice Hurst told IFLScience. Some had higher or lower psychopathy, but more than 100 qualified for the label.

Next, the study participants filled out a survey describing how they react to different types of managers and situations. They also rated their actual supervisors on an “abusiveness” scale.  

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The scale is based on actions like being rude, gossiping, not giving credit for work performed, invasion of privacy, and breaking promises made to subordinates.

Those who scored higher in psychopathy thrived under abusive management, and they felt less anger, more engagement, and more positive emotions compared with non-psychopathic participants in these situations.

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However, the study was small, so there’s still more work to be done to determine those kinds of people in the workplace.


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