Does Drinking Cow’s Milk Bad for Us?

Does Drinking Cow’s Milk Bad for Us?

Most people today love drinking milk from animals like cows. Aside from drinking it, we are also using it to make our dairy products.

In fact, this tradition of drinking milk came from the early pastoralists in Western Europe.

These people are usually living with their domesticated animals including cows.

That’s why they were able to discover to drink the milk of these animals and make something useful of it until now.

However, some people today are arguing that this tradition is not just unnatural but it’s also unhealthy. These people think that drinking other’s milk is also like getting food from a baby.

We all know that cow’s milk is intended for their babies and not for anyone else.

drinking milk

That’s why these people are saying that we should stop stealing the food of calves because it’s not for us to use it.

On the other hand, these people also believe that drinking milk is also unhealthy.

It won’t really provide calcium to a person rather it can cause people to have osteoporosis and other health issues.

The reason why some people believe that milk is unhealthy because this beverage can be high in fat. Thus, it has high calories which we all know that it’s bad for our health.

Moreover, the fats in milk are saturated fats which can raise a person’s cholesterol level and lead to a higher chance of heart disease.

But these people do not hate milk totally. They are just suggesting that it will be good for us if we can avoid drinking it because no harm will be done by doing so.


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