Do You Want To Know Your Digital Competency?

Do You Want To Know Your Digital Competency?

With the advancement of technology today, it is important for us to be digitally competent. What does it mean? Digital Competency is the capacity to keep up with the speedy changes to our technologies.

digital technologies

Basically, it involves knowledge and skills that we need to make use of ICT competently in whatever area in our life.

Therefore, everyone should take this assessment tool from the Digital Skills Accelerator website so that we can know our competency in this digital age.

While we are taking this assessment, we realize that technology has really taken over our society.

using a laptop indicates your digital competency

Utilizing those technologies are not leisure or entertainment anymore, rather it becomes a necessity. It seems like there will be a new criterion for us to be successful in the future.

The criterion that we’re talking about here is our digital competency. Intelligence will not be enough to be successful in the future.

digital competency of a person

We must use that brainpower to competently use the technologies in this digital age.

If we don’t adapt to the new technologies that are emerging, we will be left behind. Another important thing about being digitally competent is you can get high paying jobs even you are at the comfort of your home.

working as graphic designer

The traditional type of jobs in offices will soon be over as the technologies keep on evolving. That’s why it is very important to be digital competent as early as possible before it will be too late.

Therefore, the assessment tool is a great way to know your position in the future of the digital age.


This is a MUST for anyone wanting to start an online business.

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