Do We Need to Panic About the ‘Cyber 9/11’ Attack?

Do We Need to Panic About the ‘Cyber 9/11’ Attack?

There a lot of warnings from the alarmists that are saying that we should be aware of the cyber attacks of the hackers. But do we need to panic about it? And what it is all about?

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At the end of April 2019, the U.S. Department of Energy revealed that there is a so-called “cyber incident” that had disturbed the operations of a utility company in the Western part of the United States.

hacked US government system. Do we need to panic?

Initially, there was little information about the incident, but people started worrying about this.  People feared the case of hackers initiating disruption and perhaps even damage to critical infrastructure.

A major disruption of US infrastructure via a cyber-attack is what some people have referred to as a  “cyber 9/11,” or a “Cyber Pearl Harbor”—a much-debated around nightmare scenario.

do we need to panic about cyber attack?

Despite the doom and gloom rhetoric, we have yet to see anything come close to that.

The incident at the end of the month of April turned out to be nothing like that. It is just a simple denial of service attack that caused very little damage.

On the CYBER podcast episode of Vice, they spoke to Robert Lee, a former NSA analyst, and infrastructure hacking expert. Mr. Lee said that there’s no need to panic.

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Know more about it by listening to the whole podcast episode.

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