Do Crime Shows Affect Viewers’ Perception?

Do Crime Shows Affect Viewers’ Perception?

Well-known TV crime shows can make an impact on its viewers’ thoughts about how certain things usually work, and an example of this is the “CSI impact.”

crime shows and criminals

There are times when those who work at law enforcement believe that watching crime TV shows can make members of the jury have unreasonable expectations for justifiable proof to convict someone who commits a crime.

Furthermore, some viewers said that watching these shows may even assist somebody in getting away from criminal punishment, yet research finds out that it isn’t valid.

Psychologists from Johannes Gutenberg University directed four separate analyses to test whether hoodlums can reap any noteworthy or valuable data about forensic evidence through shows, for example, “CSI.”

gun and bullets

To start with, they investigated the crime statistics from the beginning and end of the TV show.

They asked 24 sentenced criminals in jail if they knew and believed that TV crime shows could prevent them from getting caught.

Next, their subjects came from crime TV watchers and another from non-watchers to “Do the job of a criminal by covering up the clearing of a murder scene.”

crime scene

For the last test, the analysts requested that 120 subjects cover up a fake murder scene in a dollhouse.

The decision? None of these tests found a connection between watching these shows and being talented at concealing a criminal act.

handcuffed criminal

“We would now be able to neglect the rumors that have been coursing through the media for as far back of 20 years, since we can state with relative assurance that individuals who watch CSI are no greater at covering their tracks than others who don’t watch,”

Dr. Andreas Baranowski, director of the investigation.

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