Do a Person Need Space in Order To Grow?

Do a Person Need Space in Order To Grow?

Sometimes, when people make mistakes or fall short of who they are or who they are expected to be, they also tend to affect a person when they are surrounded with and who care about them.

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When they start failing miserably and struggling to rise above the difficulties and challenges that life brings them, the people who love them also carry the weight of their downfall.

As they say, ‘Only the person who is true and real to you will stay despite the negatives and hardships that you are encountering and burdened with.” Because not everyone is meant to stay in our lives.

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People come to our lives because they are either a blessing or a lesson that we have to learn from. Some people are described as a blessing as they are the ones who stay and stick with you throughout your journey.

Others are referred to as a lesson as they teach you something in the entirety of their stay in your life. Some are merely a chapter while others will be a part of your life journey.

Going back to the question “Do people need space in order to grow?” will always depend on the people around you and care about you.

a person needs space

If they love you enough to withstand the challenges you are facing and about to face in the future, they will understand.

Even when you need to be away from them in order to learn things the hard way and assess yourself and the situation by focusing on what you need to change or improve about yourself.

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