Distance Education lets Students study in their own Pace.

Distance Education lets Students study in their own Pace.

Distance Education lets students study at their own pace.

Distance Education is an education model where teachers and students are not bound by time and space. Using different tools such as laptops, mobile phones, and online modules, learning can now happen anywhere.

This type of learning has steadily gained interest over the last couple of years. Fortunately, school boards across the globe have been more accepting of such learning styles. Because of this, learning resources become available to those who had to leave school previously due to various reasons.

Consequently, most students enrolled in Distance Education oriented schools are young professionals, single parents, housewives, and business owners.

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DE Styles

Distance Education may take different forms depending on the needs and preferences of the students. Some schools cater to full-time online learning, while some do blended learning. Blended learning is a type of learning model that uses different approaches. As such, in a Blended Learning setting, students may opt to attend a formal classroom to support their online learning.

Two Study Frames

There are two study frames for Distance Education – Asynchronous or synchronous. Asynchronous learning allows learners to study on his or her own pace. In this approach, the instructor would be laying down all the requirements and delivery at the start of the class. Synchronous learning, on the other hand, would follow a traditional time table, although working separately from each other.

Indiana U Joins In

At Indiana University, this year the school board gave the go-signal to have part of the lectures done online through a live-streaming video board. While this is a type of real-time learning, it sticks to the concept of Distance Education as a relevant and empathy-oriented learning style. According to Harry Vasilopolous, the leader of this activity at Indiana University, his goal is simply to make education accessible to the greater number of students. Likewise, students have shown great interest and excitement towards this new type of learning.


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