Disabled Person Received A Shocking Note on Her Car

Disabled Person Received A Shocking Note on Her Car

In 2014, Ashley Brady had an accident and it cost her to lose her right leg. She needed to learn how to walk again with her prosthetic leg. We all know the process wasn’t easy for a disabled person.

But she does not let her disability hinder her whole life. She persevered and familiarize herself with the new life she had.

Even though there are some challenges like walking to the location of her car was parked without tumbling down.

“I struggled a lot with the parking, the snow and ice are so hard to balance and walk,” Brady said. “I stumble down numerous times.”

Fortunately, the complex she used to go reserved a parking spot for her which is closer to the establishment.

However, two days after using her parking spot, Brady saw another car parked in the same spot without a handicap plate or symbol.

That’s why she decided to write a note explaining to the driver that his action is not okay. Surprisingly, she received a rude reply from the driver.

Let’s look at the reply she got:

“Hey, handicap! First, never put your hands on my car! Second, you aren’t the only one with problems. I informed the office that there is a cry baby handicap who touches my property and I will cause her trouble. Just cry out your struggles to someone who cares ’cause I’m going home with both legs!”

Obviously, Brady was upset at the rude message. Watch the story in the video below.

Parking in a handicap spot is already a foul move. But discriminating against the disabled person and making fun of her is unacceptable. She could file a complaint to that rude driver.

Well, we believe that he will receive his consequences for his insolent action.


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