Digitalized Reading and Writing of Books Via Wattpad

Digitalized Reading and Writing of Books Via Wattpad

Wattpad changes the way our talented authors write and publish their works. This platform empowers our authors and editors to make a beautiful masterpiece.

This is also where the film producers and directors get their inspiration and turn them into a movie.

Some of the famous films in countries like the Philippines are based on Wattpad stories, and we are not even aware of it.

One example of this is the suspense thriller movie of the Philippines is “Bloody Crayons” of Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona and other famous actors which were released last July 2017.

This movie is an adaptation of a Wattpad story by Josh Argonza which he wrote back in 2013.

After his story has been published on Wattpad. Moreover, his work was also published as a physical book before it was turned into a movie.

Bloody Crayon is a movie about a group of students or rather friends who traveled into a remote island to finish their school project, but it turns out to be their worst nightmare.

One of their friends became a serial killer to take revenge because of the betrayal of their friends. The story shows the audiences about trust, betrayal, revenge, friendship, and love.

The movie that we used as an example allowed us to realize that Wattpad empowers the young and talented authors to produce an award-winning story and film.

It changes the way our authors write, and the authorship of a story can now be easier to be bought and reproduce.

Aside from that, we believe this is good for these young authors because they will be more inspired to create new stories that will be noticeable by the public.

People can easily read their stories because we are now living in the digital age.


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