Diet Plans: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Keto Diet,’ Is it Safe?

Diet Plans: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Keto Diet,’ Is it Safe?

2020 is here and everyone has resolutions, I’m sure one of you is starting to lose weight right? We may suggest “Keto Diet,” but what exactly is it?

keto diet
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But right down before we go to the basics and essentials, what exactly is Keto Diet or what does it mean?

The word ‘Keto’ or “Ketogenic” is usually a term for a low-carbohydrate diet it’s really a program however it’s a self experimental as you decide for it yourself.

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So instead of eating carb foods regularly, you need to eat carb foods much less and it also involves “fasting” or eating or drinking beverages less.

Well, we all love eating like who doesn’t love eating right?

But most of us want to achieve an ideal body of ours, well this might be a solution for you guys.

However, there are still risks doing this diet plan so you need to be committed on this one

And most importantly, don’t forget to consult your doctor first.

According to the six-pack chef,

Fast weight loss results due to the release of water weight which is stored in our muscles as glycogen.

Glycogen is what the body uses as our main energy source which is produced from carbs and is partly water. Since a keto diet minimizes carb intake drastically, glycogen becomes depleted leading to weight loss.”


“Do not mistake weight loss for fat loss because once you get off on your keto diet, and start eating carbs again, your body will fill up with glycogen and along with that added water weight.”

So what do I need to start?

The focus of this type of diet plan is to lose weight even if you haven’t engaged in any physical activity yet.

And this usually starts with a “food plan.” Food such as eggs, tuna, nuts and seeds, and fruits such as avocados.

Also, avoid putting to much oil when cooking your foods, use olive oil for cooking. And most importantly, lessen oily foods too.

So that will be your basics and essentials so good luck!


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