Diego the TORTOISE

Diego the TORTOISE

Diego the Tortoise saved his species by having so much sex. He may have saved his entire species from extinction but he retired from the playboy lifestyle. He returned to the with his mission accomplished.

Diego’s unstoppable desire credited as a major reason for the survival of his fellow giant tortoise on Espanola, part of the Galapagos Islands. Shipped over from the San Diego Zoo to be part of a breeding program.

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Meet Diego the TORTOISE

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When he started his campaign to keep his species alive, there were only two males and 12 females alive on the island.

But then he had so much sex he helped the population to boost to over 2,000. The Galapagos National Parks service believes that the 100-year-old tortoise is the patriarch of around 40% of that population.

Jorge Carrion, the park’s director, told AFP.

He’s contributed a large percentage to the lineage that we are returning to Espanola.

There’s a feeling of happiness to have the possibility of returning that tortoise to his natural state.

A total of 15 tortoises took part in the breeding program to boost the population, but no one played a big role as Diego did.

About 1,800 tortoises have been returned to Espanola and now with natural reproduction we have approximately 2,000 tortoises.

Carrion told AFP.

This shows that they are able to grow, they are able to reproduce, they are able to develop.

Carrion added.


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