Devin Booker could be traded to the Boston Celtics

Devin Booker could be traded to the Boston Celtics

Phoenix Suns Shooting Guard Devin Booker could be well on his way to the east as reports suggest trade with the Celtics could occur.

Despite being only 22 years old, the pure scorer already has four years of playing experience. Notably, he has averaged more than 20 points per game throughout his four-year tenure with the Suns. Apparently, Booker was poised to be Phoenix’s franchise player. However, under his leadership, the Suns never even finished a season with more wins than losses. Despite this, Booker’s ability to score the ball cannot be questioned. Just last year, he averaged a career-best 26.6 points per game and close to 7 assists.

Notably, the Celtics seem to be the best landing spot for Booker (if he’s getting booted). Currently, the Celtics are planning to contend in the Eastern Conference. However, they lack depth and skill. Therefore, reports suggest that they would be offering anyone in their roster not named Walker or Tatum. Consequently, Phoenix needs to rebuild (again). And a number of wing slash role players may figure perfectly in this deal. In essence, Phoenix can request for a 2 (or more) for 1 deal for Devin Booker.

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Beyond the Celtics, other teams have also expressed interest in getting Booker’s services. Evidently, the Lakers are checking up on him as they have the cash after getting booted by Kawhi Leonard. Likewise, the Oklahoma City Thunder are also checking upon him. However, according to reports, the Thunder can only offer their picks for Booker. Notably, though, they have a lot of first-round picks over the next couple of years.

Should Booker be traded? Or should Phoenix continue to try building up their young core of Deandre Ayton and Booker?


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