Deepest Land in the World had been Discovered

Deepest Land in the World had been Discovered

Ever imagine what’s like to below? How hot it could possibly down there? But what if I tell you that someone discovered the deepest part of the land?

Let’s dug that out.

Courtesy from pixabay

This “deepest point of land” has been found on Denman Glacier in East Antarctica.

It is a 3.5 km canyon and it is below sea level and with the wide of almost 20 km.

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So this project was led by Dr. Mathieu Morlighem, associate professor at the Department of Earth System Science at the University of California at Irvine.

And later was presented in American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

“The biggest challenge about the project is that Antarctica is HUGE!” he said, excitedly. “It’s bigger than the U.S. and Mexico combined.”

Dr. Morlighem said.

“Using BedMachine to zoom into particular sectors of Antarctica, you find essential details, such as bumps and hollows beneath the ice that may accelerate, slow down or even stop the retreat of glaciers,”

So right after months of exploring and using high-tech devices, they found a solid outcome.

And they used these same machines over the ice sheets.

“After months of investigation, we realized that it was not because we were missing important processes. It was because the bed topography under the ice was missing many important features such as troughs, ridges, valleys, etc,”

“We applied this mapping technique to the entire ice sheet, and we discovered this very deep valley hidden underneath the ice sheet.”

Morlighem said.

Well, when will we see it in a picture? Hopefully sooner.


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