Critical Digital Literacy: The Future of Digital Society

Critical Digital Literacy: The Future of Digital Society

For the past 20 years, the world is now living in the digital age. The society is rapidly being shaped to be a digital citizen of the digital society.

That’s why it’s important to discuss and learn about critical digital literacy because this is our future.

Basically, the definition of critical digital literacy is simple. It’s a set of skills, abilities, and analytical perspectives which allows a person to use, comprehend, and create digital media

Moreover, the goal of it is to develop active and engaged thinkers and creators in digital environments.

Therefore, for us to have a bright future, our educators should teach every person how to be digital literate.

critical digital literacy

The future generation will solely depend on digital technologies when it comes to employment and other sectors in society.

Above all, if young people are not digital literate, we might experience the side effects in the future. One of the common effects of it is a myriad of fake news.

Certainly, we already have fake news today. But if we will not educate the young people about digital literacy, the situation might be out of hand.

Being a critical digital literate does not mean that a person must only know how to use the digital technologies we have today.

But it is a deeper understanding and analyzation of these technologies to create an efficient digital media.


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