Coursera, eLearning giant, acquires Rhyme Softworks

Coursera, eLearning giant, acquires Rhyme Softworks

Coursera, the eLearning giant, closes its first-ever public acquisition this month. Notably, the online learning company fully acquired tech start-up Rhyme Softworks. However, there was no public announcement regarding the details of the purchase. The acquisition comes in the midst of exponential growth of non-conventional learning approaches.

Evidently, the acquisition of Rhyme Softworks boosts the marketability of Coursera Labs. Rhyme Softworks platform that allows developers to create and visualize hands-on, blended learning projects that may be accessed through a user’s personal computer works towards the goal of Coursera Labs. And based on reports, this product is a new software tech program that allows schools and universities to develop online sites. Before the acquisition, the University of London’s software programming class housed the pilot of the said product. Currently, the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois are working on the product prototypes and enhancements. Fortunately, the Rhymes Softworks platform comes in time. Eventually, the company expects a full product launch by the end of the year.

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Coursera, the largest free-market learning hub in the world, partners with 190 schools and universities. As a result of the global tech upsurge, the company utilizes the internet as its learning medium. Thereby allowing students to enroll in online courses wherever they may be. Currently, the online school caters to more than 40 million students who are taking up one or more of their 3,600 online short courses. Likewise, for a fee, students may obtain certificates of completion from the site. However, for most parts, students simply take on the courses for added learning without the credentials.


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