Couple Was Born on the Same Day but There’s More to It

Couple Was Born on the Same Day but There’s More to It

Most of us will surely be astonished to meet someone with the same birthday as us. All the more if that person is your future husband or wife. We’ve found that couple and they are taking that coincidence to the next level.

This couple was not only born on the same day but also at the same hospital.

couple has same birthday

Anthony and Jamie Burkett’s love story is one of the most unlikely tales that we have ever heard of, to think that it all started with only one touch on their phones.


They met on the popular dating site four years ago and immediately hit it off. When Anthony revealed his e-mail to Jamie, she realized that there was a force that was bringing them together.

Extreme Similarities of the Couple

The numbers that were included at the end of the e-mails were very familiar to her. 11493 was showing up on her iMessage from Anthony and realized that they had the same birthday.


Once they learned that they resided in the same area, they began to ask even serious questions.

It did not take long for them to figure out that they were born at the same hospital! They were also in the same maternity ward.

The idea of being in the same nursery at the same time as our special someone is just too delightful to fathom. Technically, their meeting in the ward was their first date.

But did you know that they also have the same birth weight and are both left-handed?


All these coincidences only served to bring the couple even closer together. They were married at a local church, and we wish them all the best on their journey.

This is what we call fate. The love story of Anthony and Jamie is our proof that love wins all the time.


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