Could We Ask Babies For ‘Consent’ Before Changing Their Diapers?

Could We Ask Babies For ‘Consent’ Before Changing Their Diapers?

It is important for a child to learn about consent at a young age. But could we ask babies for consent?

Many think that one woman is going way too far in trying to make this happen.

could we ask babies consent?

Deanna Carson, a sexual consent expert, wants kids to understand what consent means at an age when they do not understand much of anything — when they’re still wearing diapers.

Because of that, Carson is making headlines and creating a big fuss for what some are calling an insane suggestion. She says parents should “ask” their baby’s permission first before they get to change their diapers.

Like many others, you would probably think that if babies still can’t understand a single word you say to them, what more of consent.

However, she is trying to prove a point where it is supposed to instill a sense in the child that their response is significant that will be able to give them greater independence over their bodies when they get older.

Nevertheless, it raises questions about what the child would learn when the parents change their diaper anyway. Will they eventually be taught that their consent doesn’t matter?

Like what others have pointed out, it’s clear that Carson has a good point, but there are a lot of ways to better teach children about consent.


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