Cool Things People Do to Earn Money

Cool Things People Do to Earn Money

Money is one of the greatest needs of a person. Above all, they say that money rules the world. A person can’t have food to eat or clothes to wear if he doesn’t have any money. That’s why most of us are working to earn some of it. But there are people that do other cool things just to have an extra income.

Do you want to earn some extra cash? Maybe you should try doing these other things that people do for extra income.

Virtual Gold Farming

warcraft strange things

Some people today are getting paid just to play World of Warcraft. How? By Gold Farming. Some players are willing to pay other people that would help them earn more in-game currencies (gold) on their account.

These players are technically paying for your time because they are lazy to do it by themselves.

Doggles and other Dog Accessories

doggles strange things

Someone created a new accessory for dogs which is called Doggles or goggles for Dogs and he started selling it.

Somehow, many dog lovers loved it. The person who created Doggles has now his own company and they are starting to make other dog accessories and dog vests.

Million Dollar Website, one of the cool things people do


One person develops a website and he used it to sell 1 million pixels that cost $1 per pixel. Surprisingly, it worked! The person who created the website is now a millionaire.

Layout Creator of Myspace and other Social Media is a cool thing to earn money

myspace strange things

There’s a teenage girl who decided to put up her own website to show the services she can do for you on the Internet.

The services that she is offering is to make layouts for your myspace account and other social media accounts that you have.

This teenage girl did great because she had received a lot of advertising contracts and her website now have 7 million visitors per month. Someone even offered $1.5 million to buy her website.

My Yearbook, a new social media?

my yearbook

Two teenage girls had a brilliant idea to set up a website that allows its users to make an online yearbook. Well, their website is doing an excellent job.

They now have a company with 45 employees and they already earned $4 million since they started.

Be an Online Entrepreneur

greetings card

A young online entrepreneur name Cameron Johnson has created a website that sells online greeting cards. And with that, he has made $3 million.

Lucky Wishbones for Sale, a cool thing to earn more money

selling wishbones, strange things

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving day if you want to have a lucky wishbone, because there’s a website where you can buy it.

In fact, they sell 30,000 of these bones per month and have made over $1 million in sales.

Blog about Life Hacks


A blogger by the name of Steve Pavlina is making about $300 per day by writing a blog about life hacks. He writes about astral projection up to personal development.

Music Uploader for Hire

loading music to iPod, strange things

Catherine Keane once helped a friend to upload songs to her iPod. But she realized that it can be an opportunity to earn extra cash.

After that, she now makes $100,000 per year by just uploading songs to their iPods.

Antenna Toppers for Sale, one of the coolest things that people do

antenna toppers for sale

A man by the name of Jack Wall started to sell some antenna toppers. His small business during that time is now a multi-million-dollar business today.


This is a MUST for anyone wanting to start an online business.

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