Conspiracy Theorists Saw Weird Lines in Area 51

Conspiracy Theorists Saw Weird Lines in Area 51

According to the US government, Area 51 is just a highly classified United States Air Force (USAF) facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

There are no secret alien activities or whatsoever the people are saying. However, most people including conspiracy theorists don’t believe in that.

In fact, they are trying their best to prove their assumptions even if it’s dangerous. Some are trying to get in the base even though they will be arrested.

Just recently, someone who uses Google Earth navigates to Area 51 and he found something. He said that there are alien activities that are happening in the military base which causes some weird lines.

weird lines
Google Earth

Moreover, the lines that he saw on Google Earth seem like some experiments according to the other conspiracy theorists that saw the same lines.

However, the experts say that the lines they saw are just a 3D rendering problem.

But the people don’t believe that it’s just a 3D problem in Google Earth because Area 51 doesn’t allow to have a 3D data of it.

That’s why the lines that they saw are still a mystery and it’s been called the “weird line in Area 51”.

What do you think? Do the weird lines prove the alien activities in the military base? Or it just makes more questions than answers?

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