Colorful Water Cups Produces an Amazing Artwork

Colorful Water Cups Produces an Amazing Artwork

As of 2018, there are 844 million people in the world who are living without access to safe drinking water. In fact, every 90 seconds, a kid is dying from a water-related disease.

safe drinking water

Most of us won’t understand the life of these people because we had no problem with our water supply. We are just drinking and sometimes even wasting it without thinking of others like those people we mentioned.

There is a Canadian artist named Serge Belo who was stunned to see the statistics linked with the global water crisis.

Because of that, he was encouraged to raise awareness to the people by making the world’s largest water mosaic in 2013.

colorful water cups
Serge Belo

With the support of a nongovernment organization, ONE DROP, Belo and 100 volunteers filled 66,000 recyclable cups with 15,000 liters of rainwater.

They also use 1 kilogram of vegetable dye to create different colors to simulate impurities that are found in the waters of the world.

The whole project takes 62 hours to finish the artwork which covered 3,600 square feet.

project artwork
Serge Belo

Let’s look at the video below showing the procedures they do and see the amazing result with its title, “66,000 — A Water Mosaic With A Cause”.

Belo says that the artwork signified “the essence of water for each living person… it is an influential creation that everyone can relate to.”

You can see more of his work on Facebook and his website.

Isn’t this an amazing way to raise awareness? Let’s share this story to help spread the message that this artwork conveys.


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