Coffee and Beer, when is it better than the other?

Coffee and Beer, when is it better than the other?

Beer and Coffee are two staple drinks that those in the corporate and professional circles take. But when is beer better than coffee? Likewise, when would coffee be better than beer?


Coffee is one of the two most imported goods throughout the globe; the other being oil.

As simple as it can be – if you are sleepy but cannot sleep yet, drink coffee.

When you are trying to beat a deadline but have been working for hours straight, experts suggest that, other than resting, you grab a cup. Coffee contains Caffeine which works to improve your mental alertness. This works well for people who know what they need to do but need the push. Drinking a cuppa would help boost your alertness to finalize your spreadsheets. In instances such as this, drinking beer would destroy you.

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When should you drink beer, then?

On the other hand, when you are in an otherwise relaxed state and you have enough time to finish your work, it would be suggested that you try to pop a bottle. Beer improves your creativity and artistic notions. Therefore, if you need to use the right side of your brain, grab a bottle. If you’re planning the itinerary for a corporate event or working on a storyboard for advertising, a bottle of beer would not hurt. On the contrary, it may even bring a better result.

In conclusion, while beer and coffee have their advantages and disadvantages for work, it still boils down to the person who consumes. In reality, drinking either may not be really needed if you just work properly. Working properly includes getting enough rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and maintaining proper hygiene and physical health. If you do that, chances are you wouldn’t need to rely on either.


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