Coaches take Swipe at FIBA Officiating and Grouping

Coaches take Swipe at FIBA Officiating and Grouping

As the FIBA World Cup continues, several National Coaches took a swipe at the officiating and judgment of the tournament’s referees.

Coaches from no less than 4 nations publicly commented on the poor officiating and management of FIBA in this year’s World Cup. Notably, the countries in check have lost successive games against stronger and more competitive teams. Officially, coaches from the Philippines, Montenegro, Angola, Canada, and Serbia have expressed displeasure on the officiating.

Montenegro, Philippines Coaches claim poor officiating

Montenegro, a country of 600,000 makes its first World Cup this year. In a post-game interview after their 10 point loss to New Zealand, he mentioned that a “robbery” seemed to have occurred during the game. Citing instances, he mentioned that “It’s very difficult to comment on basketball tonight. Very, very difficult.”.

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Likewise, Philippines Head Coach Yeng Guiao also took a swipe at the referees following their 46 point loss to Italy. According to Guiao, he “felt that they (referees) took away our momentum. The early fouls on Blatche and then a lot of touch fouls. I couldn’t understand.”. Unfortunately, the Philippines has bowed out of contention as it lost to Serbia by more than 50 points two days later.

Serbia claims mismatch

On the other hand, the Serbian national coach also complained about FIBA. However, his complaint was not towards the officiating, but on the seeding of teams. Apparently, he questions the grouping of teams. Notably, he believes that there is a mismatch in groupings as “lacking quality” teams such as the Philippines, and Angola were grouped with powerhouses Serbia and Italy.

Incidentally, FIBA has not yet offered any response to the allegations.

The 2019 FIBA World Cup continues.


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