Climate Change: United Nations Declares Red Alert Status

Climate Change: United Nations Declares Red Alert Status

Climate change is real! We should all accept it and face the fact that the catastrophes we are experiencing are the effects of it.

Therefore, the United Nations declared a red alert status on our blue planet as the water level is rapidly rising.

According to the recent report of the UN, climate change is destroying our oceans and frozen regions at an alarming rate.

That’s why they immediately declared a red alert status on our planet.

Moreover, the water levels of Earth are quickly rising which causes other nations to be submerged in the next three decades.

Certainly, the scientists on this report have previously looked at how the world would manage if temperatures rise by 1.5C by the end of this century.

United Nations declared red alert on climate change on Greenland
Iceberg is Melting on Greenland via Pixabay

Therefore, they concluded that the rise of temperature is the main cause of the arising in water levels.

Above all, the impact of the rising temperatures on our oceans and frozen regions is perhaps the most worrying and depressing part of the report.

However, the United Nations said that there is still some hope that we can hold on to. We may somehow prevent the severest impacts of climate change on our planet.

Similarly, the whole world should work together to really cut off our carbon emissions. Let us all unite for the benefit of future generations as the red alert status is already up.

Therefore, let us stop working for our own interests and start doing something for the world.


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