Christmas in the Philippines starts in September

Christmas in the Philippines starts in September

Christmas is right around the corner, at least for people in this Southeast Asian nation.

For this Asian nation, it would seem as if the Christmas season begins in September. Because come September, season decors and lights set up would be seen across malls, arcades and other public places would be seen to have yule decors, and lights set up. Similarly, timeless songs and carols would already be heard almost wherever you go by this time of the year. As radio and TV stations compete to being the first to announce the start of the season.

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Understandably, different countries have varying approaches to signify the start of the season. In the United States, the Christmas season starts right after their Thanksgiving holiday. Similarly, the Italians commit to their Christmas season on the Feast of Mary, roughly days before December 25. However, according to tourists, the Philippines does not really celebrate Christmas Day; what they celebrate is a really long Christmas season. Apparently, the season lasts 3 months. Hence, if you are checking out possible destinations where you could spend your yuletide season this year, this may be for you.

Filipinos are eccentric people. Its culture is a salad bowl, more than a melting pot. The Philippines and East Timor are the only two Asian countries where Christianity dominates as a religion. Therefore it would tend to seem as if the nation compensates for this by having a really long celebration.

The Philippines is an island nation in Southeast Asia. It has 110 million people, with an additional 10 Million migrants and overseas workers across the world. Philippine Christmas extends towards January of the following year.


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