Christmas Day Surprise for the Grieving Mom

Christmas Day Surprise for the Grieving Mom

There was a grieving mom who was so surprised because of the sweet gesture made by her family on Christmas Day. What could it be?

Those who have lost a loved one will surely have a hard time to celebrate the holiday season. It’s hard to celebrate when someone who was part of your life is not here anymore to share the holiday with you.

It may not be the same again, but there are a lot of ways to honor those who were gone and keep them alive in our memory and cherish it forever.

There was one mom who just lost his husband. She is grieving, but her family decided to surprise her with a gift she couldn’t have expected.

Christmas Day Surprise for mom

The sweet gesture that they did will help keep her husband alive in her heart and home.

This grieving mom lost her husband, so her grandson Jason decided to create something special to remind her of his memory.

He created a pillow out of his grandfather’s old shirts so she could hug him close. Get your tissues and watch the whole touching moment as it unfolded on Christmas Day.

Dad's Sweater For Christmas

"My Dad passed away a year ago and Mum is struggling and missing him so badly. My nephew Jason took an old shirt of Dads and made it into a pillowcase and gave it to Mom as a Christmas gift. Tears all around!"#LoveWhatMattersA Love What Matters Original Videos

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The sweet gesture of the family is the best. We know that she’s going to treasure that gift for the rest of her life. Have you ever done something like this for a family member? You may want to try this sweet gesture too.


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