China to Roll out FACIAL RECOGNITION for All-New Mobile Numbers

China to Roll out FACIAL RECOGNITION for All-New Mobile Numbers

China to roll out facial recognition. The country’s rule requires anyone registering new phone numbers to submit a facial scan.

Now the government finds this helpful because in this they help fight fraud. Also, this brings more security and privacy in one of the most tightly controlled online environments in the world.

The country already has the “real-name registration” policies. This policy requires people to link their online accounts with their official government ID. Further, the latest policy removes any sense of anonymity in using the Chinese internet.

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China to roll out facial recognition
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More than 850 million people across China use their phones to access the internet. This was according to their government. The new rules only apply to mobile phone numbers registered from December 1, and not to those already registered.

Meanwhile, facial recognition is everywhere in China from the streets to malls, airports and office buildings.

Four Chinese researchers specializing in AI and biometrics said,

Facial recognition-powered surveillance systems, if improperly deployed or secured, will not only fail to effectively safeguard public safety, but also may infringe on people’ freedom/privacy and provide a source for abuse.

Furthermore, the US-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit that recommends opting out of the tech whenever possible, notes that,

It’s easy for companies and agencies to tout the convenience of this sort of massive data collection and sharing scheme.

In conclusion, we are seeing more and more good news in China mainly about helping the climate crisis and now on improving their security.


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