Chef Tyler Florence Made an Innovative App

Chef Tyler Florence Made an Innovative App

Have you heard about Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence? He’s famous with all his shows and recipes on The Food Network or Cooking Channel.

Chef Tyler Florence

The famous shows of Chef Tyler are The Great Food Truck RaceIron Chef America, and Worst Cooks in America. But if you love reading, you can also check his 11 books to add in your collection.

You can start reading his popular books such as Start Fresh: Your Child’s Start to Lifelong Healthy Eating and Inside the Test Kitchen. 

But if you wanted to taste his foods, you can visit his restaurants in the San Francisco area.

chef Tyler Florence cooking

Chef Tyler Florence had an excellent career since he started in the late ’90s. In addition, he was also able to use his knowledge, passion, and sheer talent in the kitchen to mature in his career.

Tyler Florence Made an Innovative App

He is now one of the people to teach America how to eat a healthy and fresh diet. For this instance, Tyler develops an app called Innit to further help not just the Americans, but all the people in the world.

home page of Innit
Innit Home Page

Above all, the innovative app he established is a cooking and lifestyle app that is guaranteed to change healthy eating as we know it.

The goal of the app is modest:

“Our mission is to allow customers to eat and live healthier by giving food power of speech.

We aim to link the incredible pace of eating modernizations and existing consumer manners. We want to help people appreciate the way they eat every day.”

With the Innit app, you can get personalized meal recommendations and help you with the video guidance. Moreover, the app allows you to have a private cooking lesson from the comfort of your kitchen.

What can you say about this innovative app? Download it now and try it for yourself.


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