Cave System From Ice Age Was Discovered in Montréal

Cave System From Ice Age Was Discovered in Montréal

We believe in the modern age that almost all locations on the earth have already been searched and marked out, with only a very little room for new discovery such as cave system from an early age.

Yet back in October 2017, two amateur explorers exposed this assumption with their incredible discovery.

In 2014, when they went across a small fissure at the back of a cave, Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc found their way through the mapped sections of the St. Léonard Cavern under Pie-XII Park in Montreal.

They would have assumed for a long time that somewhere there was another sequence of a cave system, so they squeezed through the crack with a camera.

It made them enter another place, and they saw the entrance of a previously unrecognized scheme of caverns and tunnels created in the last ice age.

So, after a thorough forming, the two explorers were eventually capable of walking into the room. They discovered an entryway that managed to reach 660 feet below Montréal.

This is thought to have evolved thousands of years ago when the pressure from receding glaciers formed cracks in the floor below.

ice age cave system in Montreal

Some sections can only be crossed by small boats because the water gets deeper into it.

Learn more about this discovery in the video below.

It’s difficult to think that for so many years no one knew this tunnel existed. The duo has been able to go nearly 500 feet in so far, but they are waiting to reduce the groundwater before discovering any further.

What a great discovery! We’ve always wanted to see this kind of discoveries from the Ice Age. Don’t forget to share this with your friends to let them be amazed as well.


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