Cause and Effects of the Amazon Rainforest Wildfire

Cause and Effects of the Amazon Rainforest Wildfire

According to the National Institute for Space Research satellite, their data showed that about 83% of wildfire increased this year than last 2018.

amazon rainforest wildfire

The space agency has also detected more than 72,000 fires in the Amazon Rainforest since January 2019.

Also, as stated by researchers and tribes in the Brazilian Amazon forest, climate change is not the reason behind the cause of the wildfire.

Amazon Rainforest is suffering from wildfire

They said that the rainforest cannot be easily affected by heat and humid, unlike other places and forests.

They admitted that people who want to commercialize the forest started the fire to slowly burn down the trees to replace them with buildings and infrastructures.

Life of the tribes, animals and the Earth depends on this rainforest as it is said to produce 20% of the Earth’s oxygen.

inside the forest

It is also referred to as “the planet’s lungs” as it is also considered the largest rainforest on the planet.

Now that the rainforest is slowly burning down into pieces, what will happen to us human beings and living creatures who depend on the oxygen for life sustainability?

rainforest wildfire

This should now be a strong wake-up call for us humans who should be stewards of nature. We should protect it and uphold it as our lives and the planet’s life sustainability depend on it.

Even in our small ways, let us learn how to protect the environment and not perpetuate the damage that some irresponsible and selfish human beings have done to it.


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