Cashier Arrested For Memorizing Credit Card Details

Cashier Arrested For Memorizing Credit Card Details

Recently in Japan, there’s a store cashier who got arrested for using the credit card of other people in purchasing some items in an online shop.

Surprisingly, the suspect was able to memorize 1,300 credit card details with his photographic memory.

Moreover, the cashier bought $2,600 (270,000 Japanese Yen) worth of bags in an online shop using the stolen credit cards.

The police said that the victim is arguing that he only uses his photographic memory and no other tools.

cashier stole credit card details

However, the police found a notebook in his belongings that’s why some experts didn’t believe in his reasons.

According to scientists, they haven’t found any evidence regarding photographic memory. But there are just some people who are good at memorizing details. This type of memory is called eidetic memory.

Furthermore, people who have eidetic memory can only remember the specific details for up to four minutes and not more than that.

That’s why the suspect who claims to memorize all those credit card details must have used the notebook to list down all the information.

Therefore, the police in Japan will continue to investigate it further looking if he has an association with the crime he has committed.

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