Carmelo Anthony still a Free Agent as NBA Season nears

Carmelo Anthony still a Free Agent as NBA Season nears

Basketball superstar Carmelo Anthony hopes to be part of an NBA team before the 2019 season starts in October. Incidentally, players across the league have called on their management to try the embattled star out.

The 10-time All-Star and Hall of Fame-bound player have not played in an official game since 2018. He last suited up for the Houston Rockets. Unfortunately, the team waived Anthony after only playing 10 games with the club. Citing reports, the decision of the coaching staff to not start Anthony figured a great deal towards the attitude of the player.

Anthony still has not gotten a call back to suit up for any team despite undergoing workouts and practices. Apparently, ball clubs have been passing on the player on the grounds of potentially disrupting the team’s chemistry. Consequently, Carmelo Anthony is known to be a high volume scorer that prefers to play on his own. And his history doesn’t work towards his advantage.

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LeBron, KD, Kyrie want to play with Carmelo Anthony

LeBron James has been very vocal about him wanting to finally play with Carmelo Anthony. However, the Lakers don’t seem to echo this desire.

Likewise, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have also shared their interest to play with Anthony in Brooklyn. Reports say that Anthony perfectly fits with the Nets roster this time as Durant recovers from his injury. Notably, Durant will not be playing until March next year. Should he suit up for the Brooklyn Nets, he would become the team’s second scoring option behind Irving.

With career averages of 24 points and 6 rebounds per game across 16 seasons, Carmelo Anthony hopes to continue his legacy in the league.


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