Cardinal Pell takes Sex Abuse Cases to High Court

Cardinal Pell takes Sex Abuse Cases to High Court

Embattled Catholic Cardinal Pell plans to take his sex abuse cases to the High Court of Australia.

In an apparent move to make one final attempt to overturn his conviction, Pell’s legal team filed a reconsideration. Notably, the Cardinal faces five charges of sexual assault to minors. Furthermore, Pell’s charges would require him to serve six years of jail time with no option for parole during the first four.

The Australian Cardinal rose from the ranks to become one of the Catholic Church’s most prominent figures. George Pell became an Associate Priest in 1966. Eventually, his priesthood flourished. He became a Bishop, and subsequently, the Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996.

Cardinal Pell via Wikipedia

At his highest, Pell served at the pleasure of the Pope. He worked in Vatican City as the church’s treasurer for about five years. However, Pell tendered his resignation due to the charges. Eventually, Pope Francis accepted the letter as he told Pell to face the challenges in his hometown.

The Cardinal got convicted last year on a count of sexually molesting and assaulting a child, and four additional counts of indecency. Accordingly, said attacks included the penetration of 13-year-old Choir Boys while Pell was the Archbishop of Melbourne.

Cardinal Pell, the embattled Catholic Leader

Pell, 78, claims innocence on all charges. However, the evidence against him connects on a very grand scale. Notably, Cardinal Pell is the highest-ranking catholic to be convicted of pedophilia and child sex abuse.

The Catholic Church has faced a global phenomenon of pedophile priests who sexually assault and penetrate young children. In the early 2000s, the Boston research team Spotlight uncovered a series of assaults that led to the worldwide scandal. Despite the calls, the church leadership maintains a thick veil of secrecy among its ranks. Apparently, these figures as one of the reasons why ex-Pope Benedict XVI resigned the papacy. However, reports are unconfirmed. Fortunately, current Pope Francis shows a more progressive stance towards rooting out the evil hounding the church. However, critics claim that the efforts are not enough.


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