Can Your Daddy Change Baby’s Diaper? Because This Dad Can’t

Can Your Daddy Change Baby’s Diaper? Because This Dad Can’t

Would you agree with us if you asked your daddy to change a tire they wouldn’t think twice? However, if you will ask them to change a used diaper, it’s also like asking for a disaster to happen.

We don’t know about it but there’s just something about our daddy when they are trying to change dirty diapers. It seems like they just don’t mix well together.

daddy and baby

Some of you may have heard stories of your mom that would tell repeatedly about how your dad is having a hard time changing a single diaper in your infant days.

Every time he would try, he’d start suppressing and dry heaving like he had the flu.

Maybe we are imagining the entire scenario while your mom is telling the story.  

Fortunately, there is a video captured by one mom who caught her husband failing miserably when he’s changing the diaper of their baby.

At first, this dad seems to be doing okay as he kisses his daughter’s feet while she chuckles with delight. But when the changing process begins, he can’t hold back. He starts heaving all over the place.

Even though he successfully removes the dirty diaper, the smell got to dad and he lost his cookies all over the tiled floor.

Well, we can safely say that moms are the real MVP in all this stuff. She can do it excellently without hesitation.

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