Can We Create Bioplastic From Bananas?

Can We Create Bioplastic From Bananas?

Bananas are a fruit that is rich in protein. But can we create something else from it?

bananas, can we create something else from it?

Well, there’s a young genius from Istanbul who answered our question. The name of the young genius student is Elif Bilgin.

She is just 16 years old, but she already won a 2013 Google Science Fair award for her proposal to use the banana peels into a bioplastic. How can this young student have that genius idea in the first place?

On the other hand, a bioplastic is technically a plastic that is biodegradable. It means that the plastic can break down over time.

Moreover, it also implies a plastic produced with renewable materials such as vegetable oils, thickeners, and other biology-based components.

Sadly, not all plastics that are made of renewable resources are recyclable.

can we create something from bananas?

Back to our genius student, Elif expounds that she would like to work with bioplastics because they could help reduce pollution in the air, land, and water.

She also added that the main cause of those pollutions is the traditional plastics that are made with petroleum.

The project that she is doing took her 10 attempts to completely came up with a technique to produce a banana-peel plastic.


The finished product that she created is durable and stable to be used as artificial limbs and cable insulation.

Elif hopes to do more environmental projects in the future and her dream project is to build a “greenhouse made of waste resources.”

can we create something else from bananas?

She said that all her achievements today just prove that science is her calling. Therefore, she is planning to study medicine in college.

You really have a bright future Elif Belgin! We’re rooting for you!


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