Bugatti breaks 300 MPH record with the new Chiron

Bugatti breaks 300 MPH record with the new Chiron

Car manufacturer Bugatti broke records last week when the new Chiron reached speeds of more than 300 MPH. Particularly, the beefed-up Chiron reached 304.77 MPH during a test run in Germany. According to reports, Chiron’s digital speed gauge and capacity tops at 261 MPH. However, let off the leash, the test car outdid itself.

Andy Wallace, the factory test driver, sat on the driver’s seat as the car set the record. With the speed that the Chiron attained, it is now in a league of its own as the only Hypercar to break the barrier.

According to Bugatti chair Stephan Winklemann, “this is it”. However, Bugatti now intends to step on the break on the speed records as it focuses on “other areas” of automobile excellence.

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Will Bugatti roll out the Chiron?

The answer is yes. However, the car specifications for the mass production version differs from the Chiron that broke the records. According to reports, slight modifications on the machine were made to outdo itself on the track. Hence, don’t expect to go beating 300 MPH barriers any time soon.

Bugatti boasts a 16-cylinder quad-turbo engine on the Chiron. In essence, such a machine lets cars power up to 1600 horsepower. That is, it’s equivalent to the strength of 1,600 horses combined. Likewise, reports reveal that the Chiron can reach speeds of 100 KPH in just 2.4 seconds, and 200 KPH in 6.5 seconds, respectively.

If you want to purchase a Bugatti Chiron, however, you should be ready to shell out at least $3 Million for the base version.


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