British Airways Cancels all Flights due to Pilot Strike

British Airways Cancels all Flights due to Pilot Strike

More than 1,500 flights were canceled this week as British Airways pilots staged a strike, reports out of the United Kingdom say.

Apparently, the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) sought to have a talk with the management regarding their request for a pay increase. However, no talks occurred between parties. This prompted the association to hold off all flights. Evidently, British Airways faced critical backlash from passengers regarding the announcement. More than 250,000 passengers were affected by the strike. Additionally, the airline figures to lose close to 80 million pounds per day.

In particular, the BALPA requests to include a profit share in the payout scheme for the pilots. However, the management countered this with a salary increase of 11.5% over a period of three years. Apparently, BALPA rejected the offer as the amounts did not seem to benefit the pilots based on the reports by BALPA.

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Notably, British Airways figures as one of the largest carriers in the world. Currently, the national flag carrier of the United Kingdom has more than 250 planes at its disposal. Notably, the airline carries passengers all throughout airports and destinations across the globe. Additionally, being part of the larger International Airlines Group, it operates as the world’s third-largest airline company.

As such, pilots want in on the money too. According to reports, British Airways pilots earn 90,000 Pounds on average every year. Additionally, its highest-earning pilots figure up to 167,000 Pounds as well. Apparently, they seem to have had enough of the wage. Notably, the association cites the revenues and earnings of the airlines over the past year. They hope to be included in the benefits as they claim that British Airways has “had a good year”.

British Airways hardens its stance

Accordingly, BALPA leadership claimed that British Airways sent emails to their 4,000 pilots stating that a strike would cause a “serious breach” of their contract with the airline. Notably, the threat figures a potential termination of their services should they continue with the strike. However, reports also state that the airline remains willing to continue negotiations with the striking pilots.


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