Brilliant Idea For Parents To Teach Kids About Chores

Brilliant Idea For Parents To Teach Kids About Chores

Household chores are one of the most hated things of kids when their parents asked to do.

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It may be frustrating for parents to teach their kids about chores. But there’s a brilliant idea that this mother in Georgia is suggesting.

Shaketha Marion McGregor is a mother of three kids, and she wanted to teach them about earning money while doing chores.

That’s why she decided to use a reward system for her children. McGregor transformed her home into small incorporation.

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If her kids wanted to have an extra allowance for their school, they must apply for a job which is basically a household chore.

The jobs that McGregor posted for her kids to apply were kitchen manager, lead housekeeper, and laundry supervisor.

So, when a job is already occupied, their mom will even write a rejection letter to teach them patience and unselfishness.

The system that McGregor did to her home is a positive thing for kids according to psychologists.

The experts said that the kids will be able to learn to do the necessary tasks while they are still young. In other words, they will learn how to be independent.

Moreover, the psychologists also added that doing this reward system in chores will teach kids the importance of community service even on their family only.

These kids will know how to be a functioning member of society in the future.

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Lastly, helping your loved ones can bring so much joy to the hearts of the kids. They will learn the importance of family while enjoying and doing chores.

What can you say about this one? For us, we believe that this will be an effective way to teach kids about household chores and at the same time learn the importance of money.


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