Brightest Objects that our Eyes can see in the Universe

Brightest Objects that our Eyes can see in the Universe

Most of us love to look at our Universe every night. We love to see those twinkling stars because it gives us that relaxing feeling. However, did you know that aside from these we can also see the 10 brightest objects in our universe?

Let’s now look at those beautiful, twinkling, and brightest objects.

The Carina Nebula

carina nebula brightest object

This object known as the Carina Nebula is 6.3 million times brighter than our sun. It is made up of an interstellar cloud filled to the brim with dust and ionized gases.

Spica, one of the Brightest Objects in the Universe


This is the brightest star that we can see in the Virgo constellation.


Antares Brightest Object

Antares star is 600 light-years away from Earth. It means that it is one of the furthest stars on our planet. In addition to that, Antares is also known as “the heart of the Scorpion” because it is the brightest star in the Scorpius constellation.

Aldebaran Star

Aldebaran Brightest object

This star is the brightest in the constellation of Taurus.

Alpha Crucis (Crux)


These are the easily recognized stars in our night sky. This star was used in the flags of five countries because it is magnificent to witness. Alpha Crucis is part of the Southern Cross known as the Crux.

Altair Star


This is the closest star within the triangle to Earth and it is the second brightest point in the Summer Triangle.

Beta Centauri (Agena, Hadar)

Beta Centauri Brightest object

This is a trinity star system, that includes three bright stars, and it is being used by most navigators to help them determine the position of the south.

Betelgeuse, one of the Brightest Objects in the Universe

Betelgeuse Star

This is a super-giant star that makes it the brightest object in this list. Its size is so big that it could replace the sun.


Achernar star

This is the hottest and bluest object in the universe. It is not always visible, but we can see it with our naked eyes.

Procyon, one of the Brightest Objects in the Universe

Procyon brightest object in winter triangle

The second brighter star in the Winter Triangle and it appears to be reddish when it is visible during the late winter season.


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