Brazil rejects an offer of $20 Million to Save Amazon

Brazil rejects an offer of $20 Million to Save Amazon

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro plans to reject G7’s offer of $20 Million to help save the Amazon rain forest. The Amazon rain forest has been burning at an alarming rate since July.

Brazil’s Communications Ministry says no, thank you.

The $20 Million should instead be used for other matters, reports from Brazil state. The Communications Ministry’s statement even went as far as stating that this may rather be used to “reforest Europe”, an apparent attack on French President Macron’s criticism. Apparently, a rift between Macron and Bolsonaro figures greatly in this issue. French President Emmanuel Macron has been very vocal with his criticisms of Brazil’s handling of the matter. Apparently, this does not sit well with Brazil President Bolsonaro.

In addition to the spat, Brazil President Bolsonaro also considers this financial aid an attack on the sovereignty of the embattled nation. He claims that Brazil already has the fires under control. And that it would only take a matter of time to exhaust it. However, G7 nations do not entirely agree with this statement.

Rio De Janeiro | via Pixabay

Brazil has long been in heat

Even before the Amazon fires started, Brazil has already been under extreme pressure from foreign nations due to its poor regulation of Amazon policies. Critics claim that the nation does not correctly enforce its laws towards responsible burning and that this has led to the burning of the forest.

The G7 is an informal group consisting of the world’s largest economies. Key players include France, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.


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