Boyfriend Helps Her Girlfriend Cope Up with Her Depression

Boyfriend Helps Her Girlfriend Cope Up with Her Depression

One Boyfriend Does Something Thoughtful To Help His Girlfriend Cope With Depression. Let’s see what he did

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses that the world tend to ignore. Around 5% of the entire world suffers from some form of depression. It can be completely devastating for some people, or even worse.

boyfriend comfort her girlfriend

Most of the people don’t understand its symptoms or why a person with depression may act the way they do. This can lead to loneliness and isolation, thus worsening the illness further.

For those who struggles with depression, going to the doctor is still the best option, though we can do something to somehow lessen it.

Going back to the story, the boyfriend did something so thoughtful to help his girlfriend cope up with her depression.

He had seen a jar online with popsicle sticks inside and tried to create something like that to help her with depression and anxiety.

Popsicle stick

Each popsicle stick is color-coded with a quote, a reminder, a relaxation technique, or a good memory. Depending on what she needs to get through that day, she can pull out a stick and read what it says.

boyfriend project
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This is incredibly sweet gesture, and we’re sure that it meant a lot to her girlfriend. Her boyfriend completely understands what she’s going through. And hopefully, this creative project will help her battle her depression.

The good news is that this craft is totally customizable and easy to make, so think about gifting this to someone in your life who would appreciate it. Let’s stop the hate and just love. #StopDepression

Depression is a serious illness, Please consult the doctor if you or you know someone who is experiencing this.


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