BOY Accidentally Ate a 2-cm Chicken Bone

BOY Accidentally Ate a 2-cm Chicken Bone

BOY Accidentally Ate a 2-cm Chicken Bone
Photo: The Hindu

Doctors in India successfully removed a chicken bone stuck in the food pipe of a 10-year-old boy.

A report said Continental Hospital in Lingampally, India admitted the said boy. He accidentally swallowed the 2-cm chicken bone two days ago.

Prior to the operation, the boy was already experiencing high fever.

Doctors found a hole in the area where the bone was. Later on, they conducted endoscopic clipping after safe removal of the bone from the esophagus to seal the hole.

Any foreign body in the airway may lead to choking; this can reesult in death if not removed in time, according to the said hospital.

BOY Accidentally Ate a 2-cm Chicken Bone
Photo: Businesswire

According to the doctors, the procedure involved passing a rigid scope into the airway to locate the bone and then using special forceps to remove it.

They said they observed careful steps while removing the object to ensure the restoration of functionality of the boy’s food pipe.

Showing fast recovery, the boy was later discharged days after the operation.

Food perforations usually lead to infection, long term complications, and in some cases, it may result in death.

Meanwhile, the doctors reminded the parents to supervise children eating meat with bones or while playing with small round or sharp objects.

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