Boris Johnson calls to suspend Government before Brexit

Boris Johnson calls to suspend Government before Brexit

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend the UK Parliament days before Brexit.

With or without a deal, the United Kingdom will be out of the European Union by October 31, 2019. And this causes a lot of panic and confusion across the British Isles.

According to reports out of London, UK leader Boris Johnson’s proposal has been received by the Queen. Consequently, it will be up for discussion with the Queen during a Privy Council meeting at Balmoral Castle where the Queen is currently at.

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Johnson calls to prorogue

The act of suspending parliament, otherwise known as Proroguing, is considered as a crucial step to speed up the preparations for Brexit. In doing so, PM Boris Johnson and his transitions team would be able to hasten the proposed deal with the European Union. However, critics argue the undemocratic nature of the proposal. To note, in proroguing the UK Government, it would effectively curtail debate, consultations, and discussions towards Brexit.

Johnson vs Labour, again

As expected, opposition lawmakers decried the request calling it absurd and an attack on the sovereignty of Parliament. House of Commons Speaker John Bercow mentioned that such a proposal is a “constitutional outrage”. Similarly, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn expressed that he has protested the act “in the strongest possible term”. Corbyn mentioned that he likewise sent a letter to the Queen to bar the proposal of the Prime Minister.

Assuming the United Kingdom fails to finalize a deal with the European Union before the set deadline, the UK will be on the losing end of the bargain. The nation’s economy may plunge, despite commitments from nations.


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