Bombay Bicycle Club with a New Single after 5 Years

Bombay Bicycle Club with a New Single after 5 Years

After a five-year hiatus (read: break up), British indie band Bombay Bicycle Club has finally released a new single.

The London-based club was last active in 2014 following the aptly named “So Long, See You Tomorrow” album. Accordingly, the band expects to release a full-length album entitled “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” by January 2020.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the band’s new single “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) as they wait for the new album.

Bombay Bicycle Club is finishing the album right now

According to guitarist James MacColl, the band hopes to meet the target release date for the new album. In an interview, he mentions that “We’ve (band) done about four or five songs and are about to go out to LA to finish the other seven or eight (songs). We’re in a very compressed time frame at the moment, which doesn’t leave that much room for things to go wrong. So basically we just need to nail it.”.

It seems like the band is in full swing today. In addition to finishing the album, the band also prepares for its upcoming North American and United Kingdom tour. Notably, the band expects to play eleven shows in the United States and Canada this September and October. Additionally, they’re set to play 18 shows across the United Kingdom from November to February 2020.

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Bombay Bicycle Club has since released four studio albums from 2009 to 2014. Notably, their last 3 albums were included in the UK Billboard Music Charts. With their latest fix reaching Number 1 on the said charts.


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