Boeing to Fix Engines After a Fatal Accident

Boeing to Fix Engines After a Fatal Accident

Boeing is going to fix engines on 7,000 jets after a fatal accident. Investigators of a deadly accident on a Southwest Airlines plane last year recommend that Boeing aircraft to furnish their drivers. This is to prevent any more accidents in the future.

A fan blade broke and caused part of the engine covering to hit the side of the jet, killing a passenger. This incident broke one of the windows depressurizing the cabin. The woman was sitting on the left side of the plane. As the incident occurred, the woman hung out the hole for many minutes, said Hollie Mackie, who sat next to the victim.

Many passengers tried to pull the woman back into the plane. Until two men were able to put the victim back in her seat, a nurse attempted CPR.

Gladly, the crew managed to land the plane, but the woman sitting next to the window died.

Boeing to fix engines
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Boeing to Fix Engines

The National Transportation Safety Board investigated the plane. They recommend the Boeing rebuild part of the outer covering of the jet engine. It said that all Boeing 737 Next Generation series airplanes should be retrofitted with whatever fix Boeing comes up with.

The final decision on fixing is up to the Federal Aviation Administration, not the NTSB, whose role is to investigate the causes of accidents. But Boeing (BA) said it is already working on enhancements of the engines’ design to address the NTSB’s recommendations.


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