Black Hole devours a Neutron Star, NASA observes

Black Hole devours a Neutron Star, NASA observes

A Black Hole devoured a Neutron Star in space early this week. Scientists and astrophysicists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed the discovery this week.

This is the first time that such an occurrence has been observed. As a result, it confirmed a number of scientific theories as to how Black Holes operate.

Last Wednesday, Gravitational Wave Detectors in the United States and Italy observed the ripples in space and time. The event occurred in a region 8,550 Million Trillion Kilometers away from Earth.

According to Susan Scott of the Australian National University, this event occurred 900 Million Years ago. That is to say, most life on Earth was still in their primitive states when this phenomenon occurred. However, we are only able to observe this now due to the time it takes for sound to travel the long distance.

Black Holes and Neutron Stars are what remains of stars that have died. These interstellar bodies form once the gas from the stars has gone out. Consequently, as the star collapses, it retains its mass and becomes so dense that it pulls everything towards it. This is why not even light can escape once it gets pulled by a Black Hole.

Gravitational waves are occurrences that create ripples in space and time. This tends to occur when two objects of different weights and sizes collide with each other and overwhelm the smaller object. Thus swallowing them wholly.

For those who are studying astrophysics and space-time relativity, this phenomenal event is considered another ground-breaking discovery.

Early this year, NASA unveiled the very first picture of a Black Hole to the public. The photo caused a lot of excitement and renewed vigor towards understanding our place in the grand scheme of the universe.


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